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When we invest in the health, educationand development of children in low income communities from birth to age five, we reap the biggest returns in preventing problems later in life.

For every $1 we invest in the most vulnerable children in the early years of life

We gain $7 IN RETURN

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Thousands of LA County’s low income children are behind the day they are born:

  • 200,000

    children birth to age 5 in LA County live at or below poverty line

  • 55% Medi-Cal

    Over 130,000 births in LA County each year, 55% are Medi-Cal births

  • 50,000

    children under 5 in LA do not have health insurance

  • 4 OUT OF 5

    children do not have access to early care and programs.

  • 30 MILLION

    By age 4, the average low income child has heard 30 million fewer words.

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    LA’s low income kids start kindergarten on avg. 60% behind their middle & upper income peers

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We educate private and public sector leaders and funders on the value of investing in high-need communities — in a space where stakeholders can freely exchange ideas and learn from each other

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    We invest with an eye to social returns that last. Rather than fund individual programs, we look for opportunities to blend, braid and align funding to achieve broad-scale change.

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  • WE

    We lead through our influence, relationships and networks, using all our assets to support and advance comprehensive improvements to the systems that support children and their families.

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